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    This discussion is for posting of source material, references, and other resources of interest to the Lightful project.
    Registered users can edit this page, it is a wiki.
    Add anything that you feel would be useful to the community in researching and creating a Lightful interface.

    Data Debasement: Cloud computing will change the way we look at dat… by Robert X. Cringely.

    MapReduce by Google.

    Douglas Engelbart’s 1968 Demo
    The “mother of all demos” where the mouse was first introduced.

    Xerox Star demo
    A video demonstrating the Xerox Star, a commercial successor to the Xerox Alto.

    A revealing reminiscence from the product marketing manager of OpenDoc, Apple’s abortive attempt to move away from application-centric models.

    OpenDoc marketing video
    Great promotional video for OpenDoc, laying out the argument very persuasively.

    Document-Centric GNOME

    Streams vs. Documents

    On Documents vs. Streams

    LISA office system

    Works by Gordon Kurtenbach

    Toolglass and Magic Lenses: The See-Through Interface

    Video demo of Toolglass

    A Taxonomy of see-through tools

    Cogtool A GOMS evaluation tool

    Graphics and web design based on Tufte’s principles

    Chiat Day’s virtual offices

    How Chiat Day’s virtual offices failed

    Monotony in the Humane Interface

    Ben Fry’s Zipdecode A simple demonstration of a zooming interface.

    Kurt Vonnegut on technology
    “Technocrats don’t give a damn about anything but the machines.”

    A nine year old child reviews the XO laptop
    All interfaces should produce this level of joy. Note that the young reviewer focuses on what he can do, not on the interface that enables it.

    Noncommand User Interfaces by Jakob Nielsen

    An appreciation of Jef Raskin by Don Norman

    Works by Michel Beaudouin-Lafon

    Ion a non-overlapping window manager

    Designing the Star user interface

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